14 September 2018

Equal Future Campaign

To help make sure that the lives and concerns of Catholic LGBTQI and ally young people are addressed at the Vatican’s Synod on Youth in October 2018, the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics is co-sponsoring a global effort to make it easy for those under 30 years old to tell their stories to the bishops who will be their delegates.

The project is called “Equal Future” and it provides an online tool for youth to communicate directly with the bishops who will be representing them in Rome next month.  Young people can write their personal stories, upload them along with information about their geographic location to the Equal Future website, and the stories will be emailed to their bishop delegate(s).

Time is critical!  The synod begins on 3 October and runs until 28 October.  So please share this information quickly and widely.
For information, visit:  www.equalfuture2018.com
To send a story, visit:  www.write.equalfuture2018.com

LGBTI meeting - Friday, 21 September 2019

This year we will be using another different location for the meetings of the Third Friday - this being the Gudja Parish Centre.

To find the location of the next meeting please press this link


Come and join Drachma and other LGBTIQ organisations and LGBTIQ people in a show of solidarity for all the people who are still excluded or in the periphery in society, churches and other spaces, or who are still criminalized or suffer discrimination, implicit or explicit as it may be. The Pride March will be held on Saturday 15 September in the afternoon in Valletta. 


17 August 2018

The activity shall consist first of a session of bowling at the Eden Bowling Centre, followed by dinner at one of the restaurants in the Paceville area (TBC). The price for the bowling session is € 7.50 per person.

Kindly inform us if you wish to join, as we need to confirm the booking. Send an email on drachmalgbt@gmail.com with your name and mobile.

Many thanks for now

15 July 2018

28 May 2018

This Friday's meeting will be dealing with the story of the Centurion who pleaded with Jesus to heal his servant. We have often heard this story and we always admired the Centurion's faith in Jesus. Yet, is that all that the story tells us? What about the relationship between the Centurion and his servant? Was it a 'normal' owner-slave relationship? What did the servant really mean for the Centurion. Friday's meeting will be exploring this theme from a Queer perspective.

Friday's session will also be interesting for another reason. A yoga teacher, Jonathan Orchard, has offered to guide us through the basics of yoga and conscious breathing. It will be a great opportunity to relax and learn new ways of being!

So we look forward to seeing you!