17 August 2018

The activity shall consist first of a session of bowling at the Eden Bowling Centre, followed by dinner at one of the restaurants in the Paceville area (TBC). The price for the bowling session is € 7.50 per person.

Kindly inform us if you wish to join, as we need to confirm the booking. Send an email on drachmalgbt@gmail.com with your name and mobile.

Many thanks for now

15 July 2018

28 May 2018

This Friday's meeting will be dealing with the story of the Centurion who pleaded with Jesus to heal his servant. We have often heard this story and we always admired the Centurion's faith in Jesus. Yet, is that all that the story tells us? What about the relationship between the Centurion and his servant? Was it a 'normal' owner-slave relationship? What did the servant really mean for the Centurion. Friday's meeting will be exploring this theme from a Queer perspective.

Friday's session will also be interesting for another reason. A yoga teacher, Jonathan Orchard, has offered to guide us through the basics of yoga and conscious breathing. It will be a great opportunity to relax and learn new ways of being!

So we look forward to seeing you!

30 April 2018


Drachma LGBTI will be bringing to Malta the drag-king performance of ‘JOAN’. A truly unique international show comes to Spazju Kreattiv this May.
Joan is an award-winning play that tells Joan of Arc's earthy story of courage, conviction and hope. Performed by British drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, history’s greatest gender-warrior takes to the stage, dragging up as the men she defies in this smash-hit show. 

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Creative Communities.

Dates and Times: Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May 2018, 8:00PM
Venue: Theatre (St James Cavalier)
Price: €15/€12 (concessions and balcony) 

22 April 2018

LGBTIQ live-in

Mount Saint Joseph Retreat House, Mosta

Price: 60 € (full board)

Things needed: personal toiletries, towels, personal things

Friday, 27 April  

18.00 hrs          Registration and settling down in rooms

19.30 hrs           Dinner

20.45 hrs          Session 1: What do others say about Jesus?

22.00 hrs          Social time

Saturday, 28 April

07.45 hrs           Mass in Trinity Chapel (optional)

08.00 hrs         Breakfast

09.00 hrs          Session 2: Who is this Jesus?

10.30 hrs           Coffee break

11.00 hrs           Session 3: Film: Jesus (1999)

13.00 hrs           Lunch

15.00 hrs           Session 4: Film forum discussion

16.30 hrs           Coffee break

17.00 hrs           A walk in the countryside (with games)

19.30 hrs           Dinner

20.45 hrs          Social time at Golden Bay

Sunday, 29 April         

08.00 hrs         Breakfast

09.00 hrs          Session 5: Bible drama: Jesus in the Gospels

10.30 hrs           Coffee

11.00 hrs           Session 6: Reflection: Jesus and I

12.00 hrs           Mass

13.00 hrs           Lunch and end of Live-in

17 April 2018

LGBTI meeting - Friday 20 April 2018

This Friday 20 April, we will be organising our bi-monthly meeting at the Fortini Learning Centre at 7.30pm. During this meeting a group of BSc. Nursing students, who have attended a number of sessions of the LGBTI space, will be presenting their findings on Transgender health.

We will be discussing this issue in the wider context of the Trans Health policy that has been issued in the past week, as well as in the light of the proposed amendments to the Embryo Protection Act (IVF).

We look forward to a healthy conversation and dialogue!