15 November 2023

Press Release - Wednesday, 15 November 2023


For immediate release

Drachma suspends its membership of the LGBT Consultative Council in solidarity with MGRM and Moviment Grafitti

Drachma expresses solidarity with MGRM and Moviment Graffiti in the wake of the peaceful protest held in Mosta on Tuesday, 14 November 2023. Drachma is particularly alarmed at the disproportionate use of force used against peaceful protestors exercising their human right of protest in a democratic country. As a sign of solidarity to MGRM, Drachma is also suspending its own membership from the LGBTIQ+ Consultative Council, until such moment that the authorities apologise for the disproportionate use of force and manhandling of the participants participating in the protest.

31 October 2023

LGBTI meeting this Friday 2 November 2023


This activity will be led by Omar Rababah and will be held at the Volunteer Centre in Rabat - St Bartholomew Street. 

To  get to the Centre follow this link:


17 October 2023

Next LGBTI Meeting on Friday 20th October


The next LGBTI meeting will be in the form of an Arts Workshop with artist and creative Angele Galea. It will be an opportunity for LGBTI people to discover their artistic talents in a playful and creative way.

This meeting will be held at 7.00 pm.