02 May 2021

LGBTI meeting - Friday 5 May 2021


In this session, we will be looking at the diversity and uniqueness of Queer Family Patterns. 

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07 April 2021

Easter Get Together


Our next activity for all of Drachma's community (parents, family members and LGBTI members) will be organised on Friday 16 April at 7.30 pm and will be replacing the traditional Easter Get Together activity. 

It will take the form of a biblical reflection and discussion. Please circulate and share with friends, family and any others who may be interested to join!

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30 March 2021

Good Friday reflection and moment of prayer 2021


You are all invited to join for this one-hour biblical reflection and prayer on Good Friday.

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16 March 2021

Lenten Retreat ONLINE

Qegħdin ukoll fil-qalba tar-Randan, u Drachma għandu din it-tradizzjoni sabiħa ħafna, fejn ninġabru ftit flimkien għal ftit ħin ta' reflessjoni u talb.  Din is-sena din ser nagħmluha ukoll, biss din id-darba ser nagħmluha online.  

Data:       19 ta' Marzu 2021
Ħin:          08.45 - 12.00
Kelliem:    Fr. Kevin Schembri


Ħadd minnkom m'hu se jintilef (Atti 27, 22)
Il-vjaġġ ta' Pawlu lejn Malta u l-vjaġġ tiegħi lejn....

  • 0845-0900:  Niltaqgħu online
  • 0900-0915:  Introduzzjoni
  • 0915-1000:  Reflessjoni minn Fr. Kevin
  • 1000-1045:  Reflessjoni individwali (fil-kumdita ta' darek)
  • 1045-1050:  Nerġgħu niltaqgħu online
  • 1050-1150:  Qsim tar-riflessjonijiet personali

  • 1150-1200:  Talb tal-għeluq

Response to the CDF Responsum on blessings on same-sex relationship



Comment by Drachma:

It is sad and deeply regrettable to get this kind of response from the Vatican. To us, it sounds like the Church wants to keep its head in the sand, and remain completely in oblivion about the 'new' wine of same-sex relationships. Why does the Church keep on hankering about 'homosexual inclinations'? Why is it still in denial about the reality of LGBTIQ people and their place in the diverse order of God's nature?

Christopher Vella, Coordinator (LGBTI) and husband Tyrone commented: "As a married same-sex couple, it is deeply saddening that the Church remains blind to the sacramentality of our relationship, and continues to use terms such as 'sin' and 'against God's plan'. 

Louisa Grech, Coordinator (Parents): 'So very sad to learn about the position the Church has taken on same-sex blessings! The Pope had once said these words of hope: 'Who am I to judge?'. But now again, our sons and daughters, our loved ones, are being harshly judged, just because they wish to show their love to their soulmate! How very, very sad!"

Let us pray that the Church gets its Damascus moment and like Paul opens its eyes to the harm that such statements make. May it, like Peter, understand that 'What God has made clean, you are not to call profane'. 

02 March 2021

Next LGBTI meeting - Friday 5 March 2021


In this session, we will be looking at Queer Saints, both those who are canonised and others who are not. Everyone is called to holiness, and being queer, can actually be the key to holiness!  

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15 February 2021

LGBTI meeting - Friday 19 February 2021 ONLINE


In this session, we will be looking at famous queer people who left an impact on the world and appreciate their contribution to our world. This session was originally scheduled for Friday 15 January, but was postponed due to lack of attendance. It is now being scheduled as an online meeting. To join: Join Zoom Meeting click here 

04 February 2021


The next LGBTI meeting is going to be held ONLINE instead of face to face. The Steering Committee felt that in the current circumstances, given that COVID numbers are increasing, it would be more prudent to hold some of the next meetings online. We will be reviewing every month and will keep you updated.

In this week's meeting, we will be looking at the Bible from a different perspective than we normally do. We tend to think that deviance and difference and the Bible do not fit together. Yet, God’s prophets and even His own Son were somewhat ‘deviant’ and did not always fit the norm. Join us to learn more. Click here to join the meeting.

10 January 2021

Next LGBTI meeting - 15 January 2021


In this session, we will be looking at famous queer people who left an impact on the world and appreciate their contribution to our world.

23 December 2020

Drachma Community Christmas Meet 2020

Social distance BETLEM

The Steering Committee would like to invite you to Drachma Community's Christmas Meet 2020

This event is open to both members and interested public.

It will include a short reflection by Fr Kevin Schembri on the theme Social distancing Betlem, followed by discussion and sharing.

This is an Online event. To join click here