05 July 2007

'Gay by Nature; His Children by Grace; Citizens of the Kingdom through Love' by Mario Gerada

On the occasion of 2007 Gay Pride’s March organized by MGRM ‘Gay by Nature; Proud by Choice; Equal by Right’, Drachma is launching its blogspot: www.drachmalgbt.blogspot.com. Drachma’s blog is a space for LGBT persons, their families and others interested to witness, share information and experiences. Drachma’s blogspot is a place for dialogue. We encourage all interested to send Drachma any material, information, poetry, articles, links, etc. on drachmalgbt@gmail.com.

Drachma reserves the right to publish any material we receive.

Background Information

Drachma: is a group of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender people who meet to pray together. Drachma is a Catholic group who welcomes all.
Quotations for your perusal

'They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on people's shoulders, but will they lift a finger to move them? Not they!'
Mt 23: 4

‘Despite persecution, suffering, even tragedy, gay men and women continue to endure, to hope, to rise again and to make festival. Showing us all that life has a meaning if we are foolish enough to believe in it.’
Fr. Richard Woods

“The rainbow flag, symbol of gay pride. Contrary to popular belief, the rainbow flag is not a sign of being proud of one's sexual orientation; that would be akin to having pride in having blue eyes or being left-handed. Rather, it is pride at having not only survived, but thrived in a world which more often than not is a hostile place…It is pride in being a good and moral person and standing up for what one believes in, it is pride in knowing that you are able to love, it is pride in having found someone with whom to share my life, and in knowing that that love is a thing of beauty. It is.......pride, in the name of love”

If you would like to cover this event or to obtain further information, kindly contact me on 79342328 or
drachmalgbt@gmail.com or mariogerada@gmail.com.

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