05 September 2007

In response to previous Post

I kept on thinking about this morning's letter of joseph aquilina...yes it hurts and it is troubling, however i forgot to mentionsomething....he quotes Romans 1: 26-27 and yes that is the greatest challenge forlgbt people - much more than the sodom and gamorrah story [ that isclear thats its about gang rape and hospitality] however the roman's story is more tough to understand...and is more direct to sex betweensame sex persons [it could also not be entirely referring to culticprostition or pagan rituals - but rather to sex between same sexpersons]however some time ago i read a brilliant book called 'Calling theRainbow Nation Home' the author is a pastor, a lesbian and lives withher life time partner and who also raised children together...Sundby in her book goes through all her life journey and how sheresolved these issues with God in prayer.. one of the passages shediscussed is actually the Romans passage...she says that Jesus in prayer answered her that yes the act wasunnatural because it was being done by heterosexual people who startedhaving sex with their own sex for mere sexual pleasure - thus it wasunnatural for them....against their own nature [against the will ofGod]as much as it was unnatural for her to have sex with the opposite sex[at one point in her life she was considering marriage with a man]because by doing that she was going against her nature....this is another way of looking and reading that text... and i thoughtits important to share this with all of you......the book is also worth reading....

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