27 November 2007

We Are Love and Affirmed

A Corporate Prayer

The scallop shell is a symbol of Holy Baptism with the three drops of water indicating the Trinity. The shell is also the symbol of Saint James the Greater, evangelist and first martyred apostle.

As a worshiping community, we have been challenged by such a moment as this!

A moment when we know we are living with AIDS and that we are loved and affirmed.

A moment in which we can offer compassion to those with AIDS and HIV.

A moment where we can sit and comfort those who suffer illness or grieve loss.

A moment when we stand in solidarity with the care partners, health care workers, and researchers as they continue their diligent labor.

A moment and an opportunity to be with all those who are ill with any disease. Those worried, fearful or weary. Those carrying others in prayer.

In this moment:
We all stand in need of God's healing.

Retrieved from http://gbgm-umc.org/cam/affirmed.html

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