05 May 2023

Drachma at twenty! Invitation to a seminar


In September 2024, Drachma will be celebrating its twentieth birthday! It is a joyous occasion and calls for thanksgiving and celebration. But not only. It should also make us think about our future, grounding ourselves in gratitude for past, and in courage for our present. 

Where do we see us in five years' time?
What should Drachma be doing? 
Which areas we need to focus on? 
How can we remain prophetic as we have been in the past? 
How are we to remain relevant? 
How will we remain meaningful? 

To trigger our reflection and help us think creatively and out of the box, we will be holding a number of sessions over the next months, inviting visionary people to meet us and share their thoughts. Be part of this conversation! Drachma is also your community and your hope. 

The first session will be held on Friday 12 May at 7.30pm at Mount Saint Joseph and our first guests are Professor Nadia Delicata, Theologian and Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation, and Dr Christian Colombo, Academic and President of the Humanist Association of Malta.

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