08 April 2013


alone sulking bitterly in my solitude
drowning in my despair, for truly i felt alone
as i remembered that first time
when i got hard just by lookin’ at him…

the horror and that revulsion …
why me lord? why me?
what have i done wrong?
why did you forsake me?
why me?

so i curled up in my quiet spot
 there in the shadows
where no one could see
 my silent weeping
there by myself
drowning in
my despair..

 why me?

i felt your presence as you swooped down
to hold me in your tender an’strong arms

 i felt your tender touch as you wiped away my tears
as you held me tenderly to your chest

don’t cry my tender one, you are loved!
my voice hoarsely crackled to protest,
but why me? but why make me different?
how can this be love?

and you looked at me tenderly
your hand on my heart
with a gentle smile
all the time cuddling me

your love is special, different,
no less deep, no less pure
for how can you call impure
what I’ve sowed right there in the deep recesses of your soul?


i’ve seen my loved one again
and i held his hand right there in mine..

i looked deeply in his green emerald eyes
i’ve seen the glowing fire right there in his soul..

his lovely smile has been a blissful balm
on my poor tortured soul..

yes, I feel hard as i hold him in my arms
unashamedly so, for my love is true as my soul


up in the sky you smile
love so pure, soothes and calms
blessed tranquillity amidst many storms an’ blizzards..

i smile back
i shed the robes of guilt
and the rattling rotting chains
that held me down..
freely and,
with my loved one
at my side,
i fly the skies towards You
for Your love
knows no
bounds ..

in peace
in acceptance
not alone this time
in quiet serenity
in closeness

to You

By Jienni-Huri

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