28 July 2007

God and His Creation by John Fenech (Times of Malta, July 28, 2007)

In reply to Dave Bones God Created Them Male And Female (July 21), I have a question for him. Is he suggesting that there are two types of men and women? A male is a male, and a woman is a woman irrespective of their sexuality. So I agree that there are no exceptions to Genesis 1:27.

I do take exception to Mr Bones' drawing the line when homosexuals use the Bible to support their cause, when he uses two quotes to support his argument. What is good for one is good for the other.

It is interesting that Mr Bones quotes from the Old Testament. This part of the Bible is a history of the Jewish people that was passed down in oral tradition for perhaps thousands of years before it was written down. The stories would have been adapted to suit the style and the beliefs of the rabbi, or teacher, who was teaching at the synagogue. The laws laid down in Leviticus could well be very different now compared to 3,000 years ago. At the risk of repeating myself, I do not believe that God would create something that He would hate.

Is this not against the teachings of Christ? Did He not teach that, simply put, God is Love.
The many quotes in the Bible about God's "dislike" of homosexuals are, I believe, examples of the hatred that comes from their fellow humans. So, do I feel corrected by the arguments of Mr Bones? No, I do not.

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