21 July 2007

God created them male and female by Dave Bones (Times of Malta, July 21, 2007)

I feel I must correct the letters by John French and Clayton Mercieca on the subject of God and homosexuals.

Firstly, I refer to Mr French's letter. Yes, I agree God did create the human race but God created them male and female; not male and male or female and female. God's creation is in Genesis 1 vs. 27 with no exceptions.

Mr Mercieca, however, does not wish to read quotations with verses from the Bible about homosexuals but quotes the "Good News". The Good News Bible, Leviticus 18 vs. 22, says: "No man is to have sexual relations with another man". End of quotations, of which their are many more in the Bible about God's dislike of homosexuals. I have yet to find any quotations in the Bible of God's love for homosexuals.

Now, before the whole gay community thinks I am against them, I am not. I am pleased that they have some Christian values in their life, which Mr Mercieca puts to use. I have worked with homosexual colleagues and some of my customers were lesbians. I treat them exactly the same as anybody else with no prejudice to them, but I do draw the line when homosexual people try to use the Holy Bible to support their cause.

However, if they repent and turn fully to Jesus Christ then they will be forgiven, the Bible tells us so.

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