16 July 2007

Homosexuality not a choice (2) by Albert Gauci Cunningham (Times of Malta, July 16, 2007)

Joseph Aquilina decided to reply or even better react to a letter I had written whose sole aim was to praise a person by the name of James Allison who in an interview with this newspaper demonstrated true Catholic credentials. Of course his reaction, although predictable, was somewhat shocking and full quotes meant to demonise people who lead a different lifestyle.

I will not go into the merits of Bible quotes. I will instead comment on Mr Aquilina's statement that homosexuals choose to be so and that it is an immoral and sinful act. This is an insult to the millions of gay people around the world, to their parents, brothers, sisters, collegues and friends.
This "fact", as Mr Aquilina seems to want to put it, is not scientifically proven and to date there have been no cases of gay people waking up one morning and deciding that they had had enough of guys. Gay people, like heterosexuals, pass through tough times; they pass through happiness, family loss, relationships, break-ups, successful careers, sorrow and laughter, and having people like Mr Aquilina insult us as he did really does not help.

As I said before I know little of Bible quotations but I know that I never had the cake and eaten it in my life.
Mr Aquilina was not there when I passed through very difficult times when I was accepting who I really am, neither was he there when I was bullied at school or when people made fun of members of my family because of my life.

I forgave these people because I know that they don't know any better and if their parents were like Mr Aquilina I could have actually expected much worse!

Mr Aquilina's insensitivity knows no boundaries and he has no compassion; in fact he tells us that receiving Holy Communion if you are gay is profane... well in that case I committed a major profanity two weeks ago when I received Communion at my grandmother's funeral! And before Mr Aquilina even thinks of writing in his arrogant, patronising style - that he will pray for me or any other gay person - let me state from now: a big no thanks!

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