25 August 2007

Catechism and homosexuality (1) by Jacqueline Calleja (Times of Malta, August 25, 2007)

In his article about homosexuality, Kenneth Zammit Tabona (August 21) asks our politicians to promise in their electoral manifestoes that "as far as the law is concerned, the freedoms that are enjoyed by our European counterparts will become law here too."

Unfortunately, he did not specify which "freedoms" he was referring to. As far as I know, homosexual persons in Malta rightfully enjoy the same individual freedoms that heterosexual persons enjoy.

If they feel that as private individuals their rights are not being sufficiently safeguarded then it is proper that they should urge politicians to remedy the situation. Matters change radically, however, if they insist that rights should be accorded to them as a couple within some sort of matrimonial bond. This can never be since, for reasons that I explained in my previous letters, one cannot compare the union between a man and a woman to those between persons of the same sex.

Finally, it is worth emphasising that the Catholic Church insists that, while homosexual persons are asked to fulfil God's plan in their lives, no unjust discrimination should be exercised towards them but solely the love and respect that is due to those redeemed by the passion and death of Christ.

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