25 August 2007

Catechism and homosexuality (3) by Joseph Micallef (Times of Malta, August 25, 2007)

Jacqueline Calleja keeps failing to understand that homosexually orientated people who have a sexual partner of the same sex are not necessarily interested in what the Catholic Church says. They have made their choice at the time when they made the decision to have a sexual relationship with a partner of the same sex. So arguments that quote the teachings of the Catholic Church or quotes from the Bible are very irrelevant in such cases and only serve to preach to the converted!

Moreover, in her zest to discount same sex marriages, her arguments seem to imply that a marriage without children is invalid. This is a very wrong assumption because not having children can be the result of various physical or psychological causes which don't necessarily and automatically annul a marriage. Thus her comment that "no homosexual act can ever result in the conception of a child" makes no valid contribution to her arguments.
By the way, I am a straight heterosexual male.

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