11 April 2008

More stories on Fortunate Families website

"Listen with the ear of your heart…"

We invite you to check out the newly remodeled and expanded section of the Fortunate Families website that you will find under the menu tab "Stories." Seven more stories of fortunate families have been added – stories told by the moms and dads of LGBT sons and daughters.

Story-telling gives life to our purpose. So over time, we will be adding new stories to this special website feature – all the better to show the Spirit's presence in parents' lives and the lives of our children in whom "God's love is revealed" [Always Our Children]

At the 2007 New Ways Ministry Symposium on Catholicism and Homosexuality, Archbishop Francis Hurley (ret.) of Anchorage and Bishop Joseph Sullivan (ret.) of Brooklyn attended an evening session facilitated by Fortunate Families. After listening to the experiences of a number of attendees, Bishop Sullivan said he had not heard stories like these before. And he said, "Keep telling your stories."

We will.

And we hope, heeding the counsel of St. Benedict, that you will "listen with the ear of your heart." Blessings!


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