16 April 2008


Oh heavenly Father,
our protector and guide,
You are the greatest Friend and joy we have!

To be able to come to You in prayer like this
is the most beautiful part of our lives!
It is not for myself that I want to pray today, dear Father,
but for those who are near and dear to me and about whom I am worrying.

You know what they are facing, dear Father.
And You know most of all the deepest reasons why
these things have come upon them!
You know how I want to help.

Truly I think it would be easier if I
could only face what they are facing.
But You know how helpless we are
to help another even though we know what is just and right.

Only You are left, dear Father.
Do be with them in all things at all times.
Protect them from enemies and evil, my Father.
Forgive them their sins in situations which cannot be resolved .

Make them feel they belong in this world like all other human beings.
I know and believe there is a place for all whom You have created to your image and likeness.
Oh do make them happy in their lives at home, dear Father, and help them live as You wouldst have them live. Above all, put love in the hearts of others
who do not understand them .

I thank You, my Father, for Your goodness to them and to me.
Thank You for Your love and guidance and protection!
May we honor you all the days of our lives and be
happy and uplifted even as I feel right now!


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