06 May 2008

Hope for gay Catholics, Diane Xuereb (Times of Malta, Sunday 4th May, 2008)

Thank you for publishing Ariadne Massa's sensitive and insightful interview with Sr Jeannine Gramick (The Sunday Times, March 16). The peace and healing conveyed by the article and Sr Jeannine's talk at St. James Cavalier still linger within me.

For many years, I lived in doubt that I could be gay and Catholic. I felt the doors to love were closed and that, if I didn't conform to all the Church's teachings about homosexuality, I would not go to heaven. The choice between one's own integration as a healthy human being and one's own faith is an unjust burden placed on a gay person's shoulders.

Sr Jeannine's message that God created diversity in nature and also diversity in human sexuality is one that we all need to hear. God created me the way I am. My life and my love are valuable in God's eyes and have profound meaning. Contrary to what I felt for many years, I now feel blessed! Sr Jeannine encouraged us not to be afraid of whom we are, to come out into the light from the dark closet, and to stand in the love of God.

Although I had abandoned the Catholic Church for a long time, my relationship with God never ceased. I had been looking for a group that embraces both the Catholic Church and me as a gay person. I found that group. It's called Drachma.

Drachma sponsored Sr Jeannine's visit to Malta. The attendance and sharing during that evening at St James Cavalier proved how much gay people, their parents, families, and friends are hungry for dialogue. In addition to our prayer group and general meetings, Drachma has now formed a support group for parents. To receive support, contact Drachma at www.drachmalgbt. blogspot.com or e-mail: drachmalgbt@gmail.com or call 7947 5853.

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