29 May 2008

Since My Last Confession - a Gay Catholic Memoir by Scott Pomfret

Set primarily in Boston, Massachusetts, USA during the revelations of the Scandal and the battle over same-sex marriage and gay adoptions, Confession is a funny and irreverent-but-faithful account of my stalking Cardinal Sean O'Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston. As a federal prosecutor and practicing Catholic, I was attempting to use lawyerly persuasion to change the cardinal's tune concerning same-sex civil marriage.
What I found along the way was a passionately atheist boyfriend, a host of motorcycle lesbians, gay priests, flaming friars, pious prelates, would-be Opus Dei monks, three "Hale" Marys, Harry Potter's Satanism, ten surefire ways to detect a fellow gay Catholic – and political victory for equal marriage.

You can think of Confession as a gay Catholic literary version of Michael Moore's Roger and Me, with the Cardinal playing the part of "Roger." But Confession expresses a deeply felt love for the small "c" church and delivers a message shared by those involved in reform groups from Corpus to Call To Action, Romancatholic Womenpriests to Voice of the Faithful: that the important and beautiful work of the Church may only be saved if its members exercise their baptismal rights to work from within to save the Church from its inept leadership and restore our pride in the institution.
And what sets Confession apart is that the passion and anger are conveyed primarily through humor. This is a funny book, because – as the writer Annie Lamott once said – "humor is carbonated holiness."

At the very least, I am confident Confession will afford you a few consoling laughs.
For more information, email publicity@arcadepub.com, or go to www.sincemylastconfession.com.

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