17 July 2010

Drachma Parents Group | Malta Gay Rights Movement

Drachma Parents Group Malta Gay Rights Movement: "The Drachma Parents’ Group was established in April 2008 and meets once a month on a Thursday at 8.30p.m at Mt St Joseph Retreat House, Mosta. We are committed to encourage and uphold LGBT people and their families in an effort to create more awareness of the difficulties faced because of the stigma society unfortunately attaches to persons with a different sexual orientation. Being a Christian organisation, we meet and pray for our children and loved ones – not because they are bad persons but because we know that God loves them exactly the way they are and made them in His own image. We consider that the Church’s stand on matters relating to our children’s sexuality creates a need for us to come together and discern our own response, as parents of LGBT children. We believe that there may be an opportunity for the Church to grow in this area also and we are perhaps best positioned to offer our discerned reflections and act as intermediaries with the local ecclesial authorities, to ensure that LGBT believers feel embraced by the Church.

Our first get together was on the 9th April 2008 and from that day on, we have not looked back because Drachma is a vital place of support. We organise special meetings during the Easter and Christmas periods which are open to the public – when we pray Holy Mass and then hold a small party to encourage more fellowship and create further awareness regarding sexual discrimination.

We hope to welcome more and more parents and relatives of LGBT people who are willing to join us and – in our own silent way – give hope to those who may still be finding it difficult to come to terms with their loved one’s sexuality.

May God continue to bless our children and our families."

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