19 January 2012

Quakers Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) have begun to hold a monthly meeting for worship in Malta which members of DRACHMA may be interested to attend. The Quakers have always advocated in favour of equality, originally in terms of gender and race but since the 1960s in terms of the equality between heterosexual and homosexual relationships while Quakers actively participate in annual PRIDE marches around the world to express their solidarity with the LGBT community.

Since 2009 the British Society of Friends became the first and only UK church to support and advocate gay marriage.

It should be stressed that Quakers have no creed, no priests or ministers nor a liturgy from which they preach. The meeting for worship is a silent affair where Friends sit in silence for one hour until a Friend may feel moved to say something. There is no discussion of what has been said and the meeting returns to silence. Quakers have always believed that it is only in silence that we can enter the light/hear God. After the meeting Friends often remain behind for thirty minutes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and the chance to catch up. All visitors are more than welcome and should you require further information you can contact Mark at georgefoxmalta@gmail.com.

Meetings take place at 11am on the first Sunday of each month in the Church Hall of the Holy Trinity Church (the Protestant Church), Rudolph Street, Sliema (the next meeting is scheduled for 5th February).

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