13 May 2014

Gender, Sexuality and Spirituality Series

In the ‘recent’ past years, a number of changes occurred in society’s understanding of the social and anthropological spheres in relation to sexuality, sexual orientation and gender. Some members of society suggest that the so called sexual/gender revolution is coming to an end. Others feel that the aforesaid revolution is still unfolding.

In an attempt to live up to the principle of freedom, some activists and academics claim and celebrate the diversity within a whole spectrum of human gender types and/or sexual orientations. Can the Christian understanding of the human person enter into a fruitful spiritual dialogue with this rapid and profound transformation of models of feminine and masculine identity and the relation between the sexes? Apparently from an experiential history of Christian theology and spirituality a relationship is possible.

Drachma in collaboration with Carmelite Priory Mdina are organising this series. It attempts to respond to this call by delving into the existing insights on gender as presented by the past and present spiritual experience of mystics and spiritual writers.

Participants should be aware that this Series will not pretend to offer ready-made answers to particular concerns and challenges but simply to offer a healthy space for reflection which draws from Christian ‘tradition.’

19 May – Gender Spiritualities – Rev. Dr. Charlo Camilleri O.Carm.
26 May – St Aelred of Rievaulx – Tyrone Grima
02 June – John McNeal – Christopher Bezzina
9 June – Parents’ perspective – Joseanne Peregin
16 June – Jeanine Gramick – Rev. Dr. Rene Camilleri
23 June – Women’s Space – Dr. Marcelline Naudi
30 June – Margaret Farley – Rev. Dr. Paul Pace SJ
07 July – Henri Nouwen – Clayton Mercieca
14 July – Rene Girard and James Alison – Mario Gerada
21 July – Bible figures and Saints who transgender – Chris Vella