16 June 2015

Homosexuality and claims of mental illness

On curing gays

A proper Christian and biblical perspective

Press statement by Drachma LGBTI and Drachma Parents Group

We refer to the report (in the Sunday Times of Malta, 14.06.2015) by the journalist Ivan Martin on the River of Love Pastor Tom Brown and his views on homosexuality. Mr Brown suggests that gay people are ‘mentally ill’ and that homosexuality is ‘an illness like any other and it is harming people’. We note with consternation how Mr Brown continues to propagate pseudo theories on the origins of homosexuality that have no scientific basis and how biblical scripture is misused to cause harm to so many people who have no cause with Mr Brown or the River of Love.

It is important to point out that in the last forty years, the scientific world has consistently shown that homosexuality is not a mental illness although there are still discussions going on in the medical world as to its exact origins. Yet, it is ridiculous and even offensive to label LGBTIQ persons as ‘mentally ill’ persons and indeed, it is diatribes and hate speech such as these that really ‘harm people’ and traumatise them unjustly and unnecessarily.

We affirm that LGBTIQ persons are part of God’s creation and are a regularly occurring variant in nature. There is nothing mentally wrong with LGBTIQ persons and their dignity is rooted in the divine personhood of God in the same way that all persons are created in the image of God. It is also not a matter of choice, nor is it reversible or curable but an identity rooted fundamentally in the person’s being. Indeed, the so called ‘reparative’ therapies have been harmful to gay people and their dignity precisely because it urges them to eradicate their own being in the name of a ‘lie’ that reparative therapists try to propagate, more often than not for a hefty price.    

We notice how Mr Brown misuses the Biblical scriptures in his effort to pathologise and demonise gay people. It is a pity that sacred texts are misused to exclude and cause undue harm to people. We also note the danger of literal and fundamentalist readings of the Bible that ignore the historical, cultural, religious context in which the Biblical Scriptures were written. Indeed, unless a proper and thorough biblical exegesis is made, there is a serious risk that biblical truth is distorted and used to justify and legitimise the worst possible crimes, all, falsely in the name of God.

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Chris Vella                                          Joseanne Peregin
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Drachma LGBTI                                  Drachma Parents Group


Drachma LGBTI and Drachma Parents Group

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