05 May 2016

LGBTI Meeting - Friday, 13 May 2016

During this lovely meeting about the Adulterous woman, the members shared these few verses. The verses are inspired by the tendency many of us have of self-hate and self-condemnation and often we end up inflicting violence on ourselves. Frequently, we are our own pharisees who condemn our own selves, without allowing us to see the pristine image of love that God has rooted in us. 
We hope these verses can be a sign of hope for all of us who often end up getting get caught in this cycle of self-violence and ending up all wrapped up in our bubbles. God calls us to love others as ourselves... if we do not learn to love ourselves genuinely and in a Christ-like fashion, it will be very difficult to be self-giving and loving to others ... 

so many times have i grabbed those stones of hatred
ready to throw them all at my own face
ready to hurl them pitilessly at my wretched self
lusting for the blood curdling down my face
and showing no mercy….

yet, You hold my hand, ever gently,
your glance is one of mercy
your kindness is so sweet, still, unruffled,
tenderly you disarm my clinched fist,
all serene, lovingly, abounding with mercy ….

as those stones of hate fall off my hands
you disarm me of my own self-hate
you restore me to that pristine wholeness
that once was mine, your gift to me in eternity
verdantly lush and fruitful is where pain meets mercy …

in your embrace i feel consoled  
in the bosom of your compassion
serenely, i seek my inner soul

and there
in the depths
of Your

i learn to love

once more

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